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sábado, 21 de maio de 2011

Blogger of the Week: Dear Hunter

The first Blogger of the Week is Rita. I met her at PARQ magazine Photo Shoot and I must confess that her choices at her blog, Dear Hunter, are trully an inspiration.
So I invite you to know a bit more about her and also to visit Dear Hunter.

  Who is Her?
Rita. 25. Living between Porto and Ponte de Lima (Portugal). Studied Architecture and actually studying Product Design at ESAD.
Owner of Dear Hunter

Being an architecture and design student, my tastes relate to the classics which inspire me for their simplicity, sophistication and timelessness. However, I’m addicted to everything that is synonymous with innovation and creativity.

Dear Hunter comes naturally as a diary of everything that visually captivates me.

Born without any pretension or orientation, it can now be said that it’s main themes are Design and Photography. Within the Design theme, it tries to cover several areas: interior, product, communication, fashion…

Almost everyday I search for inspiration and news, also on music and cinema.


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