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sábado, 30 de julho de 2011

Blogger of the Week: Bruno from O Guru Veste Prada

It's a great pleasure to bring to you the first male blogger of the Blogger of the Week! Bruno is the kind of man women fall easily in love with. That's probably why his blog O Guru Veste Prada is such a success. 
I hope you all enjoy! :D 
The blog...

My name is Bruno Reis, i'm 28, a Yôga Personal Trainer and i'm the man behind O Guru Veste Prada!
O Guru Veste Prada (Guru wears Prada) was born because i wanted to express that Yôga isn't as weird or alternative as people may think. It can be stylish, trendy and make you feel awesome! It's about elegance and sophistication!

It's the story of a Guru who runned away from the Himalayas hills, bought a Ferrari and dressed himself with Prada to come to the West and teach everybody the indian masters lifestyle.
So, the Guru is about healthy lifestyle, longevity, anti-aging, but also about Fashion, Design and Architecture.

Because, it's important to be good-looking, but it's both important feeling good! It's for those who want to be the "whole package"!

...And the Blogger

People who inspire me
 Mies van der Rohe; Alexander, the Great; Nietzsche; Damien Hirst
Mies van der Rohe

Alexander, The Great and Nietzche

 Favorite Quote
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo DaVinci
Icons of Style
Tom Ford; Marc Jacobs; Nicola Formichetti (Vídeo1, vídeo2) ; Riccardo Tisci
Tom Ford

Marc Jacobs
Nicola Formichetti

Riccardo Tisci
What inspires me: 
the Press 


Fashion Icon: 

Anna Dello Russo. Once, she said:
"It's my second passion, yôga. Also love meditation and thinking about the impact we all have on the planet. Fashion and Yôga seem very contradictory, but my spiritual side makes me questions to which I want answers. (...) In life, we must have discipline and passion. The first, in the form of Yôga makes me be able to appreciate even more the fashion scene. And I'm at the point where things make sense. It's not a worry for me if it is to wake up early to take care of me." in Vogue Portugal

Guru would totally marry her!

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