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sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Blogger of the Week: Ivânia from Ivânia Diamond

And this week will have Miss Hot Legs! :D
No, no. Tina Turner is overrated. I'm talking about Ivânia from Ivânia Diamond :)
I'm sure that most of my visitors already know her blog and that's why I invited her to join this space and let us know a bit more about what's behind the blog and the blogger. Hope you enjoy it :)

It is always complicated to talk about me, even though I know myself perfectly ...

I am a simple girl / woman who always loved the Arts area, but only at the age of 15 began to have a new passion, a new strand in this area: Fashion. I started by wanting to be a photographic model, but also participated in some fashion shows. However I was mother and my dreams have been delayed, but later began to define them as objectives. Photography is something that excites me, and the adrenaline and nerves that it causes are a creeping sense, in a positive way. To create, invent and change something is a passion too, so I did a short course in fashion design, and I loved getting all knowledge of the evolution of fashion. I

In the beginning my desire was to become a stylist, but then doubts arose. I only had the certainty that I wanted to work in the field of fashion, in a trend or even several! I love the excitement of a backstage, love fiddling with clothes, fabrics, makeup, photography, love to draw, but I keep all my sketches in a dossier. 

When I became aware of the blog world through a magazine, I decided to take the adventure, in January 2009. Yet just last year I began to have a better understanding of what were the fashion blogs. And at the end of the year, I saw my life to having another course, or trying to. Were born ambitions, goals, dreams ... I started to deal with the blog in a more professional way earlier this year, and in the first semester I got super positive results, in fact, they were beyond my expectations.

Today, with 25 years I already own certainties, and daily define in detail each objective and goal of mine. I tell myself every day, "I'll make it." If it's easy? Nothing for me throughout life was easy. Butdetermination and strength helped me a lot. The concept of my blog is not talking about brands just because they're beautiful and look good.No, I only mention what I like. And do not do advertising just by doing. I take it very seriously, this is my life, and can not be false! I can notaccommodate. In my blog I divulge my outfits (and not always do itdaily), I suggest items and sites to my readers, I create looks, and sometimes reveal news of the fashion world. Yet news that I just make sure you will not find in all of blogosphere. It bothers me to see too many posts speaking of the same thing. I do not want to do the same, do not want to copy, I just want to be me.

Speaking a little about myself ... I can not live without a hug, smile and kiss from my son, whom I refer as my mini fashionista, who is also my photographer and that supports me 200% Can not live without music and dance. Believe me, I'm a fantastic dancer and full of energy! Start the day with music and end with music. It is also in the music that i get inspiration, for example, my mood changes when I hear it, and also helps me in the morning to decide what to use. Strange isn’t it?

I love to read and write as well, love meeting new places, museums, old stuff, I love history, love me crying with laughter, love the beach, I love so many things! What more can I say? I have no style icons, in fact, rarely can select something or someone as a favorite. Finally, just want to add that without my readers and followers, I had not reached the place where I am, and I have to thank them. Stay with me! ;)

12 comentários:

  1. Conheço e adoro :)

  2. Costumo ler o blog da Ivânia e gostei muito da entrevista e das fotos escolhidas :)

  3. adorei adorei adorei adorei adorei adorei, super bem escrito e de frisar uma coisa - concordo com o facto de muitas vezes vermos a mesma coisa em diversos blogs, fashion news ou qualquer outra coisa, aborrece-me :/

    bom trabalho ;) e continuarei a visitar-te todos ou quase todos os dias!

  4. Vou aproveitar e lançar o repto: quem estiver interessado/a em ser Blogger of the Week, deve enviar um email para com o assunto "Blogger of the Week" e eu fornecerei todas as informações necessárias.

    Foi um prazer poder juntar a Ivânia ao rol de excelentes bloggers que por aqui têm passado :)


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