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segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

Blogger of the Week: Nádia from My Fashion Insider

(Sorry but my blogger collapsed during the weekend :/)

This will be the last "Blogger of the Week".
And no one better than Nádia from My Fashion Insider to complete this last space. Besides her sense of style, she's probably one of the nicest bloggers you will find online :)

"I’m just a (fake) red-haired dreamy poet who happens to love fashion."

Defining myself is hard, since I have so many antithetic interests. You probably wouldn't get me, if you ever met me! I'm that girl that can actually laugh really loud, but still stood quietly listening to an awesome Opera. I love writing, it's probably my favorite thing to do. Dancing, reading, singing and everything fashion related are also favs. 

I've came up with my blog "My Fashion Insider" back at October 2009 without ever thinking of the adventure I was getting myself into! And, if at the beginning, I was just a lonely kid, now the thing I love the most about it, is the ability to communicate with people that love fashion as much as I do!

My so called "style" is actually a schizophrenic mix. I can be all bows and flowers in one day, and zap! in the other, I can wear skulls and combat boots. Some call it crazy, I call it "I have so many Nádias inside of me, I need to get all of them happy!". Yeah, I'm quite lunatic indeed!

I'm a photography lover and a sucker for light games. I'm the one who takes most of my outfit pictures and I can't complain. I've recently started photographing "things I see" and I'm quite loving it!

In the future, I will be a doctor. Wait, what does that have to do with fashion? Yeah, you guessed: nothing! But it's the life I've chosen for me and, despite how much I love long skirts, Alexander McQueen, Vogue and Greg Kadel, that will NEVER replace the happiness that crosses my face everytime I feel I'm helping someone. Lame, I know. But true.

Despite what my wardrobe extravaganza may suggest, I'm actually a simple person. I love flowers, Golden Retrievers, hot chocolate, babies and, one day, I'll have my own white house.

A big kiss to all the souls reading this!


4 comentários:

  1. Adoroooo esta babe :)

    xoxo para as duas!

  2. Esta rubrica não podia acabar mesmo de melhor maneira!
    Ao ler, so me transmiti-a bons sentimentos de calma, tranquilidade, sonho... estranho mas é como vejo tambem esta blogger =D
    Parabens às 2 pelo post!!***

  3. Sempre gostei muito do blog dela e é uma querida :)

  4. Apenas a conheço pelo blog, mas sempre me pareceu exactamente isto, uma pessoa muito querida e única, razão pela qual gosto muito de a seguir.

    Beijo, para as duas =)


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