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quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

Dear readers, it is time for us to talk!

Dear readers,

As you may know, more than a year has already passed since La Cerise Rouge was created. 
It is amazing to see how it is growing and, most of all, to see how many of you give me a bit of your time, of your life, of yourselves.

That is why I want, first of all, to thank you for your loyalty and dedication.

I also want to use this opportunity to know you opinions about the blog and what it gave you, what you would change, what you want to see. If you have a challenge for me, an idea of cooperation, a question... please let me know! :)

You can use the comment box or send an email to

Hope to count on you for a long, long time :)

La Cerise Rouge

Um comentário:

  1. Não sou das seguidores mais anigas, mas desde que descobri o teu blog que tenho adorado o que tens partilhado connosco. Não acho que tenhas que mudar algo, continua a ser tu mesma a partilhar o que tu mais gostas. Assim, todos os dias temos sempre um bocadinho de ti ;)

    ps:adoro a rubrica Blogger of teh Week! Por mim podes e deves continuar com ela ;)

    Beijinhos and keep going ;)