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sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Blogger of the Week: Joana from I'm So Kitty

And here comes Joana! :D
As you may remember, I photographed her here, during the Oporto Cycle Chic event. 
Today La Cerise Rouge presents her blog: I'm So Kitty

I'm a 28 year old girl that engineers her life to turn her dreams possible.
As a child, I used to try my mommy's heels in front of the mirror dreaming of when I would have my owns :)
As soon as I found heels that fitted me I became an happy teen :) (on that time there weren´t heels for children yet like Suri's lol)
Now it's my mommy that borrows my shoes!
I've always loved to try different outfits, some looked good and others not so much :P
My blog was born from the desire of sharing my looks, my likes, my ideas, and my mixes of colors, fabrics, patterns and styles and getting some feedback :)
Everyday I try to be creative and present the readers with something different. 
When I wake up I can be a dreamer, a princess, a teen, a lady, an executive or more relaxed.
So, I look in my closet and pic different pieces to dress the persona of the day.

5 comentários:

  1. So cute :)
    tenho o privilégio de a conhecer desde os 2 anos :)
    não sei se no infantário já eramos assim tão viradas para a moda, mas certamente que estilo não nos faltava! :)

    Gostei muito! Beijinhos

  2. Obrigada "Cerise" por este cantinho ♥


  3. Ficou muito boa a "apresentação", ficamos a conhecer mais um bocadinho a rapariga das fotos giras :)

  4. Joaninha, foi um prazer :)

    Sil, vocês as duas são uma alegria <3

    Malas e Sapatitos, obrigado pela visita e sê bem vinda :)*