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domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Kiko Make Up Products

Do you remember the first time I mentioned Kiko Make Up? Well, back in that time I bought some products. I was pretty happy with them and decided to buy a few more last week. The quality/price is so extraordinary that I decided to share it with you :)
(to see the price and more information about the product, please click on the image)

Skin Evolution Foundation

This foundation is a bit thick, it's true. So I mix it with a bit of my facial moisturizer to make sure it covers my skin perfectly.


I also bought this eyeshadow in yellow. The result is a compact colour that lasts all day long. The real deal is that it is available in 81 different colours <3

Luxurious Lashes Mascara

There are several mascaras available at Kiko. I've tried some of them and they were all great. This one makes your lashes longer. It does not add volume but eyelashes go longer and separated after one single application.

Colour Definition Waterproof Eyeliner

Since the first day I went blonde, I was wishing for a blue and a purple eyeliner. At Kiko I found this one. This colour is called emerald green but it approches turquoise, as you can see on the picture below. It is amazing cause it lasts all day long, even if you wash your face several times. I'm sure I'll buy it in all the other colours <3


Smart Eye Pencil

I have this eye pencil in two colours (102 and 104). It is not a great eye  pencil but it is appropriate if you want to somehow illuminate the eye.

Precision Lip Pencil
My favourite red lip pencil. It is really smooth and fills the lips perfectly <3

Creamy Lipstick

To spare my Chanel Rouge Allure Mythic, I wanted an everyday nude lipstick. I bought this lipstick in Beige Dorè (393). It's not a bad lipstick but it is too "creamy" for me. I think next time I'll try the Mat Lipstick.

And you? Have you already tried some of Kiko's products? What do you think about them?

La Cerise Rouge

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  1. Ainda não experimentei! Mas ando com curiosidade pois tenho ouvido falar imenso deles :)