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terça-feira, 9 de agosto de 2011

Make Up: products from O Boticário

A few days ago, there was someone asking for information about O Boticário's products. I hope this helps :)

(click on the image to follow the link into the online shop)

Intense lipstick

I'm a lot into nude and soft pink lipsticks. Since I won that giveaway at Bárbara's blog that I've been trying a lot of O Boticário's make up. So, why not test their lipsticks too? I got this Intense lipstick in shade 101. It's a perfect nude and much more natural than the one I bought at Kiko Make Up store. The 302 colour is also really beautiful and it's on my "make up to buy" list.

Mastercils 3D Mascara

My secret to obtain the 60's eyes look is to mix this mascara with a volume mascara.The result is absolutely gorgeous. For the nude eyes look, I usually use the Mastercils 3D  Mascara. It opens the eye giving it a natural look.

Intense eyeshadow

Today I brought with me this eyeshadow in colour 32. Yes, to match with the nude lipstick :p
I've had already tried it on and it is very compact. An it also stays for long hours. Have to test it first on store, but I think I'll also buy number 14 <3

Make B Flash Illuminator

Ok. It's now that I confess how much I adore this product! It's is great to illuminate the eyes and hide dark circles. It's a must have on your make up list and the price is quite accessible :)

Make B High Definition foundation

As I've mentioned, Kiko's foundation was a bit thick. So, with all this heat I needed a smoother foundation. Must assure this one is great. It hydrates the skin and covers up small defects. 

And there's one more thing that a like about O Boticário: the sympathy. I'm always received with a smile and at least two helpful hands to help me find what I'm looking for. There's no price for that :)

Later I think I'll be able to finally photograph the other products offered by Bárbara :)

La Cerise Rouge

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