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quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

New visit to Kiko Make Up, new products!

After this and this, today was a perfect day to check out the new items at Kiko and also buy some products that are still on sale.

(click on the image to follow the link)

The Hyper Gloss Stylo is a limited edition that giver a watershine efect to your lips. I'm not a lipgloss addicted (I prefer mat lipsticks) but this one, in the colour "tender peach" really convinced me.

The Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette is just WOW! The colours are amazing and it's hard to decide which one to buy. I got myself "Daring Fire Hues" but they're all irresistible! IT's possible to mix them with water in order to obtain a even more intense colour.
If you want them remember that this is also a limited edition.

Yes, I do have a passion for red lipstick. I don't even know how many red lipsicks I actually own but I bought the Mat Lipstick in Rosso Scuro (dark red) and I'm glad I did it. It's a sexy intense colour and, although it's a mat lipstick, your lips won't get dry.

My Luscious Cream Lipstick is in baby pink and, believe me or not, makes me look like a doll. Is it enough? <3

The new line of top coat mascaras is magnificent! I've tried three different options and decided to buy this one. The result of combining this mascara with the Luxurious Lashes is instantly visible: my eyelashes  seem endless! Please remember that each case is a different case and you should try the different mascaras in order to find the most appropriated one for you.

I've already mentioned this eyeshadow before. As it was on sale, I bought three more colours: 101 - Oro Chiaro Perlato; 111 (it's out of stock in the site but it is a very beautiful dark green); 139 - Salmone Perlato.

La Cerise Rouge

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  1. Wow, quem me dera morar perto de uma KIKO! A última vez que lá fui perguntei se não tinham sombras vermelhas e a gaja da loja olhou para mim como se eu fosse uma aberração -.- e afinal agora já fazem, a gaja não sabia que eu estava era adiantada xD adorei a palete e quero tb!

  2. A cor é um vermelho a fugir para o magenta. Vale o dinheiro :)
    Se quiseres aproveitar, o blog da minha querida Bárbara Brandão (blog que aconselho vivamente) está a sortear uma paleta desta linha. Podes ver aqui: