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quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

A weekend with Konstantinos, Pain of Salvation and a Mustang

What a long, long weekend! Saturday I went to Wrong Weather in order to meet Konstantinos Menelaou that was in Porto for the exhibition "F/A1". He and João Pedro Vasconcelos are such nice guys! It was great to be there! The report will be available at Rua de Baixo with great photos from Pedro Castro :)
You can see here some photos from the Private View, taken by João Pedro :)

And sunday was time to go to Lisbon for Pain of Salvation gig!

The security almost caught my Nikon but I still have some photos :)

And monday, when I was on a bus to Gare do Oriente in order to catch the bus to Porto, this is what happened -.-'

How was your weekend? :)


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